Guided tours with wine and food tastings

Food and Wine

This area is rich in gastronomy, with preserved products known worldwide, especially various kinds of vegetables, above all many kinds of tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese of different types of milk and different aging. Many restaurants offer traditional cuisine and flavours of the old times. Restaurant “Da Caino”, awarded with two Michelin stars, is the house of chef Valeria Piccini, appointed as best chef in Italy, and is a well known address by connoisseurs and listed among the best in Italy.
Guided tours with wine and food tastings can be organized in the prestigious wineries of the area.

Special food experiences and wine discoveries at Querciafelice include:

Cooking Classes

Private Chef for family gatherings and romantic dinners

Wine Classes with tuscan wines produced in the area

Wine Tasting headed by a professional Italian Sommelier

Olive Oil Tasting with several cultivars-olive types available in the area

Pecorino Tasting – several types of milk, ages and origin

Honey Tasting – originated by different plants

Truffle Hunting and tasting in the area of Maremma